Canadian Pacific locomotive roster

Canadian Pacific SD30C-ECO No. 5014 rolls west through Brookfield, Wis., on Sept. 22, 2013.
Matt Krause

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Initial Number Series Model Builder Date
CP 1126-1128 GP35 Slug GMD 1964-1965
CP 1401 FP9A GMD 1958
CP 1900 F9B GMD 1955
CP 2200-2329 GP20ECO EMD 2012-2014
CP 3000-3020 GP38AC GMD 1970-1971
CP 3021-3135 GP38-2 GMD 1983-1986
CP 4007, 4008 GP40-3 EMD R2016
CP 4106-4107 FP9u GMD 1957
CP 5000-5049 SD30ECO EMD 2013/2015
CP 5102-5109 SD40-3 EMD R2017
CP 5719-6080 SD40-2 GMD 1972-1984
CP 6221-6257 SD60 EMD 1989
CP 6258-6262 SD60M EMD 1989
CP 6300-6304 SD60-3 EMD R2017
CP 6607-6621 SD40-2 EMD 1979-1984
CP 6644 SD70ACU EMD R2019
CP 6711 SW900 GMD 1955
CP 7000-7059 SD70ACU EMD R2019-2020
CP 8000-8280 AC4400CWM GE R2017-2019
CP 8500-8655 AC4400CW GE 1998-2001
CP 8700-8960 ES44AC GE 2005-2011
CP 9350-9379 ES44AC GE 2012
CP 9500-9840 AC4400CW GE 1995-2004
DME 3800-3801 GP38 EMD 1969


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