Rail equipment firm Linsinger introduces hydrogen-powered milling train

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Linsinger has announced its first hydrogen-powered machine, a rail milling train.

Rail maintenance equipment firm Linsinger has introduced its first hydrogen/fuel cell powered machinery, a rail milling train unveiled last week in Austria.

In a press release, the company says the new MG11 H2 machine is a variant on its MG11 milling train, developed for the smallest tunnel clearances and short work windows. That milling train used the latest generation of electric drive and milling technology, facilitating the conversion, and is capable of working a full shift on one hydrogren tank load. The machine will be available by mid-2021. The technology is scalable and can be adapted to any of the company’s milling machines.

“Certainly, I have asked myself if the timing is right to present this innovation right now,” Linsinger CEO Günter Holleis said in a press release. “Nevertheless in times of crisis [as with COVID-19] it is more than ever important to send a positive signal and look ahead. My vision for 2030 is a hydrogen-powered rail sector to support the goal of climate-neutral mobility.” More information on Linsinger is available here.

The milling machine joins hydrogen-powered passenger equipment from Alstom testing or scheduled to test in Germany, Austria,and Britain; among other locations; Switzerland’s Stadler will build the first such train for the U.S. [see “Stadler to build hydrogen-powered train for Southern California service,” Trains News Wire, Nov. 14, 2019].

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