FRA says just two commuter lines remain at risk of missing PTC deadline

Quarterly update removes Metra, TEXRail from list; NJ Transit, Rail Runner still at risk
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An inbound Metra train meets Amtrak's California Zephyr at Naperville, Ill., on Aug. 1, 2020. Metra has been removed from the Federal Railroad Administration's list of commuter railroads at risk of not meeting the deadline for positive train control implementation.
TRAINS: David Lassen

WASHINGTON — Just two commuter railroads — NJ Transit and New Mexico’s Rail Runner Express — are now considered at risk of not completing PTC implementation by the Dec. 31, 2020, deadline, according to the latest quarterly PTC update from the Federal Railroad Administration.

Chicago’s Metra and TEXRail, the service between Fort Worth, Texas, and DFW International Airport, were removed from the at-risk list, based on their progress in the quarter. Both have reached the revenue service demonstration phase on 100% of their required route-miles and have filed their PTC safety plans. Overall, 76.1% of commuter-rail route-miles have been implemented, a 12.9% increase over the first quarter.

The report, for the quarter ending June 30, indicates just 700 miles of rail lines still await implementation, out of the 57,537 route-miles requiring the technology. Interoperability between railroads sharing routes is in place in 65.5% of the 220 host-tenant relationships covered by the requirement, an increase of 17% over the first quarter.

“I am highly pleased by the amount of progress railroads have made moving toward fully implementing PTC systems,” FRA Administrator Ron Batory said in a news release. “While more work lies ahead, the significant advancements made thus far are encouraging. I applaud all railroads involved in this unprecedented effort for their intensive collaboration to get all concerned to the finish line.”

FRA information on PTC, including the full quarterly summary, is available here. Reports from individual railroads are here.





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