Boston commuter train uncouples during rush hour, delaying system

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BOSTON — A Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority commuter train uncoupled during Monday’s morning rush at Boston’s largest transit hub, causing numerous delays to Boston-area trains.

MBTA Commuter Rail tweeted just after 7:20 a.m. that Franklin Line train 743 was stopped at South Station in the Michael S. Dukakis Transporation Center with a "mechanical issue" and due to a “last minute swap.” Boston-area media reports that the train “uncoupled” at the station, although details on the incident were not reported nor tweeted out by MBTA. The issue resulted in delays to at least 16 other trains, according to MBTA tweets, with some delays rising to as long as 70 minutes. Train 744, which experienced one of those 70 minute delays, cancelled at least one station stop, the tweets show.

Amtrak Acela train 2190 was also delayed by about a half-hour by the uncoupled MBTA train and Amtrak advised riders that other Boston-area trains could be delayed.

MBTA tweeted that train 743 was “removed” from South Station by 7:55 a.m. and that it departed the station about 25 minutes later. The commuter carrier specified that the uncoupling was not due to the winter weather currently affecting the Northeastern U.S.

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