Pacific Locomotive Association debuts restored Southern Pacific KM

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Southern Pacific KM No. 9010 debuted July 20 at Niles Canyon Railway.
Gordon Lloyd
SUNOL, Calif. — The Pacific Locomotive Association through Howard Wise and other volunteers have pulled off a miracle with the restoration of Southern Pacific German-built Krauss-Maffei Diesel-Hydraulic model ML-4000CC No. 9010. The locomotive debuted on the association’s Niles Canyon Railway Saturday.

What began as a cosmetic restoration blossomed into an operational return when transmission(s) and geared truck(s) were located overseas and mated to the No. 2 (rear) engine, which was discovered to be serviceable after about 50 years of inactivity. The No. 1 engine suffered serious decay and is not planned to be made operable.

After a dedication event, No, 9010 piloted a short train for two excursions over the PLA's Niles Canyon Railway for those who could appreciate the history of the KM 'Hydro.' Although functional, due to No. 2 engine oil consumption issues, the decision was made to have No. 9010 pushed or pulled by an accompanying GP9, resplendent in weathered-Black Widow paint, though all MU functions on 9010 were operable allowing it to be the controlling locomotive.

Plans are in the works to address the oil consumption issues and make other repairs to allow the engine to power trains on its own again.

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