Western New York & Pennsylvania's first GE ships next week

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The five operable MLWs on the WNY&P meet together in Emporium PA, as the Driftwood turn meets the Emporium turn to pick up a crew May 30. Scenes like these have been common on the WNY&P for many years and will soon come to an end later this year with the arrival of the AC46CWs.
Stephan M. Koenig
OLEAN, N.Y. — The much talked about Western New York & Pennsylvania motive power change is about to take a giant leap forward in July with the first AC46CWs set to be shipped from the Arkansas & Missouri next week.

According to sources close to the railroad, WNY&P Nos. 6006 and 6007 will depart the A&M in the first week of July. The plan is to use these two for parts and familiarization purposes and are not painted in WNY&P livery. These units are to be shipped before the operational units come later in the month mainly, so WNY&P personnel can get time to look them over and get to know the layout and design of the units.

Four of the six operable units purchased were tested and accepted by the WNY&P in June and the first one, WNYP 6003, formerly CSX 5009, was in the paint shop in Springdale, Ark., getting new paint at the end of June. It will ship likely in mid-July and will be the first usable AC on the property. When it arrives it will be placed in service on short runs to evaluate it. “We are planning to see if it will be MU-able to the Alcos,” said one source. Expect to see an occasion train on the WNY&P with both GE ACs and Alco/MLWs for power over the summer.

The other five should arrive and will be shipped in two groups by August. What does this mean for the big Montreal-built units across the system? Fans will be delighted to know that they will continue to run them basically as they are now until likely after Sept. 1. Though the new units are operable and ready to run, there are many hurdles yet to be overcome including mechanical and crew familiarization, and utilization tests before they will be the mainstay of the railroad fleet.

As for the big six-axle Montreal’s they will not be completely off the roster for some time. The railroad plans to place them for sale but will keep them stored serviceable with the intent that they should be ready if needed for service.

In a related note, the WNY&P will be opening a new frac sand loading site in Turtle Point, Pa., this summer that will be likely as busy as the one in Emporium. This will make more trips and long trains necessary on the former PRR Buffalo Line as the business is growing fast for the railroad.

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