Cimarron Valley acquires secondhand GE locomotives

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Cimarron Valley C40-8 No. 4053 sits outside Metro East Industries' paint booth in East St. Louis, Ill. The locomotive was built as CSX No. 7616 in 1990.
Mark Mautner
SATANTA, Kan. – Cimarron Valley Railroad has been awarded a grant by Kansas Department of Transportation to assist in replacing the train line’s 13 aging locomotives with newer more fuel efficient power. The railroad has acquired seven General Electric locomotives, four B40-8s and three C40-8s, all formerly operated by CSX. The Dash 8s have been certified by the original manufacturer, GE Transportation, now part of Wabtec, and have undergone extensive 100-point checks. Six of the locomotives were shipped in late March to the company’s main shop in Satanta, while the seventh was routed to Metro East Industries in East St. Louis, Ill. The six shipped to Satanta were GECX B40-8s Nos. 5934, 5951, 5962, and 5969 and C40-8s Nos. 7522 and 7612 while the seventh GECX C40-8 No. 9050 went to Metro East.

The Kansas State Rail Service Improvement Fund was modified several years ago to facilitate upgrading railroad cars and locomotives in addition to rehabilitating railroad tracks and its components (bridges, yards, shops, buildings, and sidings) on short lines in Kansas. The railroad’s application was the first to be received by KDOT for rolling stock. The program is one component of the state’s Comprehensive Transportation Program which was originally signed into law on May 10, 1999. The total project was $1.5 million, funded with a 30% KDOT grant, a 40% KDOT low interest loan, and a 30% CVR match.

Cimarron Valley has forgone its previous blue paint scheme for the new power and is painting the units in a colors that reflects the Santa Fe heritage of the lines it operates. Two of the locomotives have been repainted and now wear Santa Fe’s solid blue scheme with a yellow stripe along the side that was applied to freight locomotives between 1960 and 1972. No. 4052 was repainted by railroad in Satanta while No. 4053 was repainted by Metro East.

When the newly acquired power is in service, the railroad is expected to purge most of its existing fleet of locomotives, with only the pair of GP26s and the B39-8 expected to remain.

The railroad operates in three directions from its base of operations in Satanta: east to Dodge City; southwest to Boise City, Okla.; and west to Springfield, Colo.

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