Trains magazine, Sigma, to sponsor Cass Climax Centennial Homecoming

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Climax No. 9 will star in a Trains magazine photo charter in November.
John Krause photo, Tim Martin collection
CASS, W.Va. — Trains Magazine, in conjunction with Sigma Corp. of America, will sponsor a special Climax steam locomotive Centennial Homecoming photo charter at West Virginia’s famous Cass Scenic Railroad Nov. 2-3, 2019.

Moore-Keppel 70-ton, three-truck Climax No. 9, which was built in November 1919, will return to steam at Cass this year. For the locomotive's 100th birthday, Trains will offer two exciting days with it in the Back Allegheny Mountains. There were three major types of geared steam locomotives for logging and mining: The Shay, the Heisler, and the Climax, and of those only one Climax operated at Cass briefly early in the 20th century and that was more than 100 years ago.

Until now.

“Because Cass also rosters an operating Heisler and several Shays, we will be able to offer a rare triple-header with one of each type of locomotive one day with a log train,” says Trains Editor Jim Wrinn. “Starting it all off will be a special side-by-side run with all three at the Cass depot. You can see one of each type of locomotive in one view.”

Moore-Keppel pulled coal hoppers with the Climax, and for this event, we will do the same on the day when the engine runs solo. The event also includes a night photo session and lunches both days. In early November we will still have outstanding fall colors.

But that is not all. Sigma will provide a photo workshop to kickoff the event and offer free loaner lenses for the weekend. “We are happy to have Sigma sponsor this special event, and I think everyone will enjoy what they add to this special occasion,” Wrinn says.

Ticketing is open now, and only 42 spots will be sold at $325 per person. To order, call 304-636-9477 or go to

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