Drumming up support for California high speed rail

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Next week will be critical for California high speed rail as the agency responsible for managing the project must reply to the U.S. Department of Transportation by March 5. DOT is looking to cancel a $929 million grant and recover $2.6 billion in funds already delivered.

The Rail Passengers Association is working to drum up support, says Vice President of Policy Sean Jeans-Gail. The organization submitted a letter to the FRA and is “working with the Authority to disseminate information in an effective fashion to our members and to the public at large.”

Key to gaining support on Capitol Hill is getting California’s Congressional delegation on board. Jeans-Gail tells Trains News Wire that the organization is looking to reach them both through the group’s members and directly through the D.C. office.

RPA noted in a press release that President Trump previously endorsed high speed rail during his campaign. "China and these other countries, they have super-speed trains. We have nothing. This country has nothing. We are like the third world," they quote the President. "But we will get it going and we will do it properly and, as I say, make America great again."

Jeans-Gail says the organization plans a summer of advocacy centering on the California project, but the immediate focus is on the threat to funding posed by the U.S. Department of Transportation. “We encourage the DOT to be open minded when it approaches California's response,” he says.

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