A llama riding light rail? Even in Portland, Ore., that's against the rules

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"Caesar the No-Drama Llama" meets a fan at the Oregon Convention Center light rail station. The animal's trip aboard a light rail train was against the rules, officials subsequently confirmed.
From Caesar The No-Drama Llama's Facebook page

PORTLAND, Ore. — In a city known for such oddities as a unicycle-riding, fire-breathing bagpiper, a llama riding the light rail system may not seem surprising.

It is, however, against the rules — even if “Caesar the No-Drama Llama” managed the feat last weekend.

The llama — which has its own website, social media director, and multiple personal assistants, according to the Oregonian newspaper — rode light rail to the “Wizard Con” at the Oregon Convention Center.

“While we appreciate that Caesar is promoted as the ‘no drama llama,’ “ a spokesman for light-rail operator TriMet told the Oregonian in an email, “… TriMet policy only allows service animals on TriMet vehicles.”

Caesar’s Facebook page (yes, of course he has one) has photos of him at TriMet’s Convention Center station. It does not include any shots of the llama onboard a train, although a Reddit user did post a photo of the llama during his rail ride.

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