Report: Amtrak floats plan to replace long-distance trains with more corridor services

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The eastbound 'California Zephyr,' left, meets a state-funded Capital Corridor train at Sacramento in March 2013.
Brian Schmidt
WASHINGTON – Amtrak is considering a plan to replace its long-distance train network with new corridors along parts of the same routes, the Wall Street Journal reports.

“We are undertaking a major rethinking of the national network and how we offer service on the national network,” an unnamed Amtrak spokesperson tells the newspaper. “That study and planning isn’t done yet, and we aren’t prepared to announce any plans or recommendations yet—those will come in our reauthorization proposal.”

These ideas, however, have been floated previously in the past months and years by CEO Richard Anderson, who is looking to change Amtrak's business plan. In the past he has characterized long-distance trains as “experiential,” even though they have been with Amtrak since its inception.

The Wall Street Journal report notes that decisions need to be made soon regarding the replacement of aging equipment and the focus of the company, fewer long-distance routes or more corridor services, will dictate the types of equipment purchased.

Amtrak is due for reauthorization by Congress later this year, according to the report.

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