Philly Solari board now departing on track 3

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PHILADELPHIA — The Solari board at 30th Street Station is to be removed this weekend. Area media have reported that the elderly device, dating back to the 1970s and noted for its click-clacking alpha-numeric split-flaps, will be replaced by a digital screen.

The Solari, named for its Italian manufacturer, was the last one in use on Amtrak, and when it was first announced that it would be replaced last year, a hue and cry developed that eventually found more than 1,500 signers on an on-line petition to keep it. In addition, several politicians at the local, state, and national levels tried to use their influence to keep it in place.

It is not clear whether Amtrak's offer to donate the sign to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania at Strasburg will carry through. Patrick Morrison, the museum's site director, said a spot is being prepared for it at the museum.

“It's something we've been eyeballing for a long time,” he said. Morrison noted that Amtrak has agreed to shrink wrap and crate the machine and store it until the museum is ready to accept it.
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