Man tries to take horse on passenger train in Austria

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These images of a man trying to bring his horse onto a passenger train in Austria went viral on Twitter.
In response to Wednesday's incident, Austria's OBB tweeted this no-horses reminder. The first part of the message translates as "Unbelievable we have to say this at all: FairPlay also means 'do not get on trains with horses.' "

Austria’s state railway believes its trains have plenty of horsepower. So it turned down a man who tried to bring his horse onto a passenger train.

The incident happened Wednesday in the Austrian state of Styria, where a man identified only as “Benni” twice tried to bring his horse, Frieda, onto a train. In both cases, conductors refused to depart until the horse was removed. Twitter photos of the incident went viral, and even were retweeted by OBB, the Austrlan Federal Railway.

OBB guidelines allow for "small, harmless animals" to be transported in containers, as well as dogs on leashes and wearing muzzles. Frieda, however, did not fit either guideline.

“We hope this will stay a one-off,” OBB spokeswoman Julianne Pamme told Austrian news agency APA, according to a report at

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