Proposal would use Salt Lake City UP depot as part of luxury hotel

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An artist's conception shows the design for the new hotel incorporating Salt Lake City's Union Pacific passenger station.
Salt Lake City Planning Commission

SALT LAKE CITY — A developer has unveiled plans to build an eight-story luxury hotel that would incorporate the west face of the city’s historic Union Pacific railroad station.

The Deseret News reports the design, which connects a modern building to the railroad station, built in 1908-09, is drawing some opposition. It quotes Christian Harrison, chairman of the Downtown Community Council, as saying the design “feels like a 1970s building in Berlin … "There are some amazing examples in the world of where you take a historic building and you marry it with modern architecture. There are literally hundreds of examples, and this is not one of them."

Because the station has historic status, the city’s planning commission and historic landmarks commission will both have to sign off on the plans, meaning the earliest construction could begin is in 2019.

The hotel would have up to 225 rooms and 26 suites, along with a coffee shop and restaurant space. The plans are part of an effort to revive a former shopping mall, The Gateway, by turning it into a “lifestyle, arts, and entertainment center,” reports

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