Rains wash out 5,000 feet of track in central Wisconsin

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Mazomanie, Wis.
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JANESVILLE, Wis. — Wisconsin & Southern railroaders are looking at major reconstruction work on after heavy rains this week washed out at least 5,000 feet of track. And that's only what they know about before flood waters recede on other parts of the railroad.

Wisconsin & Southern's General Manager Preston Nelson tells Trains News Wire that 12 to 15 inches of rain fell Monday and Tuesday on the railroad west of Madison, the state capital. Those rains washed out a major section of the line between Madison and Mazomanie. He says that service on the railroad's Prairie Subdivision is out of service with service expected to be restored to Middleton, Wis., within the week. Service to Avoca, Wis., further west, is expected to be out for several weeks, Nelson says.

Nelson says the short line is working with BNSF Railway to develop alternative service for certain stranded customers.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and businesses affected, not to mention the farmers who lost thousands of acres in this," Nelson says.

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