Seth Rogen to voice announcements for Vancouver transit

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia — As a result of a suggestion first made on social media, actor Seth Rogen will become the voice of announcements regarding etiquette on Vancouver’s TransLink transportation system.

The idea was born in May after it was announced that Oscar winner Morgan Freeman would voice a series of announcements for use on Vancouver’s buses and SkyTrain system. [See “Morgan Freeman lends voice to Vancouver transit system,” Trains News Wire, May 24, 2018.] That plan was eventually scrapped after Freeman was accused of inappropriate behavior and harassment , but even before then, a Vancouver journalist had gone on Twitter to suggest that as a Canadian, Rogen would be a better choice. In a tweet of his own, Rogen responded positively. [See “Morgan Freeman announcements out in Vancouver; Seth Rogen may replace him,” Trains News Wire, May 29, 2018.]

And on Thursday, TransLink announced that Rogen would, indeed, record some announcements, CBS News reports.

The CBS report includes a sample announcement: “Hey Vancouver, it's Seth. Here's a tip to make your transit ride even more awesome: I know your bag is probably very nice and you care deeply for it. But that doesn't mean it needs own seat.” It says Rogen wrote the messages himself and did them free of charge.



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