Indiana Mikado finds refuge in Kentucky

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Nickel Plate Road 2-8-2 No. 587
Kentucky Steam Heritage Corp.
RAVENNA, Ky. — Nickel Plate Road 2-8-2 No. 587 will be relocated to Ravenna, Ky., and eventually restored, Kentucky Steam Heritage Corp., announced on Sunday. The group is helping relocate the locomotive and other equipment from the Indiana Transportation Museum after the museum recently received a court-order notice to vacate their city-owned property.

The court order is the latest development in a long legal battle with the city of Noblesville. The museum had asked for an injunction of a previous court-ordered eviction to allow the group additional time to move equipment, but that request was denied on Friday by a county circuit court judge. The order allows the group until July 12 to relocate their equipment.

Officials from the Indiana Transportation Museum and Kentucky Steam Heritage Corp. will oversee the equipment move, which includes the 1918-built 2-8-2, its tender, and an ex-Pennsylvania Railroad Railway post office car that the Kentucky Steam Heritage group has agreed to purchase. The equipment will be moved by truck to Ravenna.

The move will cost approximately $50,000 with the costs shared by both the Kentucky nonprofit group and the Indiana Transportation Museum.

Kentucky Steam Heritage Corp. has agreed to store No. 587 until the Indiana museum can raise the funds to restore the engine to active service. The locomotive has been undergoing intermittent restoration work since 2003. Progress has been made on the engine’s firebox and other components, but major work has been halted since the museum’s lengthy battle with the city.

The partnership does not include the purchase of No. 587.

Trains News Wire reached out to Kentucky Steam Heritage Corp. President Chris Campbell to learn more about the nonprofit’s involvement with the Indiana museum.

“Our initial talks were more about how we could help with the restoration as both our groups were going through similar projects,” Campbell says. “Eventually when ITM’s future in Noblesville became somewhat murky, we had discussions about moving the engine to our facility.”

Campbell says those decisions coincided with the CSX Transportation partnership to buy the Ravenna, Ky., property.

Campbell says they had a plan, but this court-order notice has forced them to execute it quickly.

“As for now, this becomes a rescue effort. We are glad to be here to provide assistance. Eventually, we hope to be beside ITM members and officials when 587 lights off for another operational career.”

John Spencer, a board member and director of assets at the Indiana Transportation Museum, says their group is optimistic that they can reestablish their operations elsewhere and eventually get 587 back running in Indiana again.

“We appreciate KSHC lending a hand at the 11th hour and getting the engine out of harm’s way.”

Fundraising efforts are underway to handle moving expenses, and any contributions received will help the Kentucky group quality for a 400 percent grant match from the Appalachian Regional Commission. The group is submitting a strongly supported grant application to the commission in August.

Kentucky Steam Heritage Corp. says the two groups will share the cost of moving the equipment. The moving process will begin on July 3.

The routing has not been disclosed, however Campbell says the group will provide live updates as No. 587 and other equipment head for Ravenna.

To support the nonprofit group and for additional information on this project and the group’s flagship project, the restoration of Chesapeake & Ohio 2716, visit their website online.


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