Union Pacific operates passenger special to New Jersey

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With its UP cab signal-equipped leader removed, the business train heads east from Proviso Yard towards interchange with Norfolk Southern in Chicago.
Mark Hinsdale
CHICAGO – Union Pacific dispatched its business train from Council Bluffs, Iowa, eastward on Wednesday towards Croxton, N.J., via Chicago. The special, symbolled PCHCH3 30 departed early in the morning of May 30, according to a source close to the railroad, arriving in Proviso Yard in the Chicago area around lunchtime. The train was powered by ES44AH No. 2752 and SD70AH’s Nos. 1943 and 9082 from Council Bluffs to Chicago where it was handed over to Norfolk Southern for the balance of the trip.

In order to enable the train and locomotives to remain intact for the trip to New Jersey over NS, UP removed its own cab signaling on SD70AH’s Nos. 1943 and 9082 in Council Bluffs and installed Norfolk Southern cab signals. This would enable No. 1943 which is specially painted to honor U.S. Armed Forces to lead on NS, with No. 9082 also equipped to lead in case of a failure with No. 1943 en route. As a result, Union Pacific had to add UP No. 2752 from Council Bluffs to Chicago since this route is equipped with UP cab signals.

At Proviso, UP removed No. 2752 from the train, which continued east from Chicago as Norfolk Southern train 066-30. It’s expected to return west from Croxton on June 4 to Council Bluffs.

Trains News Wire is awaiting comment from UP.
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