Union Pacific to buy Tier 4 intermediate locomotives

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Union Pacific EMD24B order will look similar to demonstrator PRLX No. 24 built in 2016.
Carl M. Lehman
PATTERSON, Ga. – Union Pacific is acquiring 10 Progress Rail EMD24B locomotives to be built at the manufacturer’s Patterson, Ga., facility. The locomotive model was previously called PR24B before the consolidation of the Progress and EMD line of locomotives. Each unit is powered by a 2,000 hp Caterpillar 3512C HD engine, and comes with a Zeit SAL V control system, and Kato alternator. The units will meet EPA Tier 4 emission standards and will be built from 10 GP38-2s provided by Union Pacific: Nos. 282, 623, 635, 639, 645, 717, 721, 806, 808, and 841. The carbody and cab section are similar to the EMD GP20C-ECO locomotives, with slight modification on the long hood to accommodate the new emissions equipment.

Union Pacific will hold the distinction of being the first Class I railroad to order freight locomotives with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) catalysts as part of its Tier 4 emissions equipment. SCR, which uses urea, has generally been found on passenger locomotives and other non-Class I railroads. To date, the Class I railroads have insisted that Tier 4 freight locomotives are designed without it, citing the additional cost of the material, ground storage, and pumping facilities to accommodate it.

The 10 locomotives are scheduled to be numbered in the UPY Nos. 1000-1009 series when delivered.

This will be Progress Rail’s first order for the EMD24B. The company constructed PR24B demonstrator No. 24 in late 2016 and has been testing in California on the Pacific Harbor Line in the Los Angeles basin.
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