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Live video feeds, loud speakers, enable back-office workers to call out passengers' bad behavior
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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Sacramento Regional Transit agency is keeping tabs on its light rail stations and other facilities using new video feeds and loudspeakers, the Sacramento Bee reports.

The system, which was launched earlier this summer, allows security officers in a downtown operations center to monitor video streams of light rail stations. Using a loudspeaker system, the officers can then communicate to loiterers and others who are violating rules and policies.

If the person fails to acknowledge the officer’s request via the loudspeaker, a transit agency or police officer is dispatcher to the problem site.

Each of the agency’s 52 stations are equipped with the cameras. The devices have the capabilities to pan, tilt, and zoom. About 30 transit stations are outfitted with the public address systems and the rest of the facilities will be equipped by this fall.

While many understand the advantages of the video streaming technology, others wish the agency had reached out to the public to gather feedback first.

There’s a bill currently in the California legislature that would require police agencies, including Sacramento Regional Transit, to compose a surveillance policy by July 2018 and have that policy approved by the agency’s board members.

The law would also require any new surveillance technology to be approved first by a local board.

The objective with the proposed legislation is to make sure the public has the opportunity to comment on how law enforcement is using video technology and recorders.

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