CN conductor saves 'hobo cat' from the cold

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EDMONTON, Alberta — The crew aboard a Canadian National freight train bound for Edmonton saved a frostbitten cat this week that had hopped aboard one of the train’s locomotives, CBC News reports.

Conductor Brad Slater and engineer William Munsey were called early Sunday to take train Q199 from Wainright, Alta., to Edmonton. Prior to departing, Slater inspected the locomotives and as he walked along the locomotives he heard a faint cry. Using a flashlight, Slater spotted the cold kitty shivering atop a locomotive's trucks. Slater called out to the cat and it jumped into his arms.

Slater and Munsey brought the cat back into the locomotive cab and warmed it up in a shirt before offering it some water and beef jerky. Within a few hours, the cat was curled up in Slater’s lap.

“It was almost as if it knew how close it had been to dying and knew exactly which human had saved it,” Munsey says.

Slater says the cat was covered in snow and ice and that it’s possible it had hopped on the train in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where it had previously stopped. Slater says he’s reached out to animal shelters to try and find the cat's owner.

While he searches for the cat's family, Slater has already given the cat a new name, Q199 or “Q” for short.

“I’d like to keep him,” Slater says. “But I know there’s someone out there who’s missing their cat.”

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