Trains to sponsor 'Day with a Shay' at Cass Scenic in June

Rare event will include a day of photography with a steaming Pacific Coast Shay No. 2
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CASS, W.Va. — Trains and Cass Scenic Railroad are partnering to offer a unique "Day with a Shay" photo charter on June 3 and featuring rebuilt Pacific Coast Shay No. 2.

The train will consist of the 1928 Lima-built locomotive — the only one of its type to operate east of the Mississippi — log cars, and two cabooses. The locomotive is in the final stages of completion now and is expected to be ready for this June outing.

"I’ve been visiting the Cass Scenic Railroad since 1976, and it is one of the most spectacular trips in the East," says Trains Editor Jim Wrinn, who will coordinate the event. "A Day with a Shay in the wilderness on this former logging railroad will offer great sights and sounds."

The trip departs at 8 a.m. and returns at 4 p.m. Cabins are available at the state park in Cass and other lodging is nearby.

Tickets are on sale for the event, which is limited to 25 participants, at a price of $322.77, which includes taxes, fees, and a boxed lunch with drink.

Register for this rare event online at Event Brite.

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