Mexico rail conference to highlight rail progress

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ACAPULCO, Mexico — Key players in the Central and South American railroad industry will gather in Acapulco Feb. 10 to 13 for Exporail 2016.

With most of the programing focusing on the state of the railroad industry in Mexico, Exporail 2016 will bring together representatives of most of the industry’s principal players. The schedule includes presentations put on by executives from Kansas City Southern de México, Ferromex, Ferrosur, Ferrovalle, and a number of public transportation agencies operating in Mexico and Brazil. Representatives from American railroads, enterprises which provide material and technological products for the railroad industry, and members of the Mexican government will also be present.

Railroads in the region expect that the opening of the Panama Canal expansion later this year will bring more cargo onto their systems, and have invested significant sums of money in expanding and upgrading their networks in order to safely and efficiently handle the additional volume. Mexico especially is seeing an increase in heavy manufacturing relocate within its borders that was once in the U.S., Canada, or overseas. Railroads are likely to play a large role in serving those industries and delivering their goods to North American markets.

Expect periodic updates from the conference from Trains News Wire contributor Hayley Enoch who is covering the event.
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