Carolina, Colorado museums challenge each other for Super Bowl

Railroad destinations willing to bet barbecue, steaks over football championship
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Panthers vs. Broncos Big Game Challenge!

With the Panthers headed to the big game on Sunday, the N.C. Transportation Museum has a challenge for Donald Tallman and the Colorado Railroad Museum. We've got some great items that we're putting at stake, because we believe in our Carolina Panthers. LET THE CHALLENGE BE HEARD! We can't wait to see what the response is from our friends in mile-high country.....

Posted by N.C. Transportation Museum on Friday, February 5, 2016

SPENCER, N.C. — The Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers aren't the only ones facing off on Super Bowl Sunday. Two of the nation's premiere railroad museums – the North Carolina Transportation Museum and the Colorado Railroad Museum – have made a bet on who will win Sunday's American football championship.

Staff from the two museums announced their wager on social media Friday morning. The museum whose team wins will enjoy a feast of North Carolina or Colorado culinary delights. And the loser will have to deface one of their own locomotives with the opposing team's flag.

Officials from both museums tell Trains News Wire that the fun bet is a great way to promote both organizations.

If the Panthers lose on Sunday, the Colorado museum's staff will enjoy a North Carolina pit pork barbeque meal, craft beer from the Red Oak Brewery, Cheerwine soda, and Krispy Kreme glazed donuts, which were born down the road in Winston-Salem. The NCTM staff in Spencer will also have to dress Southern E8 No. 6900 with the Broncos' orange and blue banner for a ride on the turntable.

If Denver loses, then the Colorado museum is prepared to send a meal of Rocky Mountain Oysters, bison steaks from Elway's Colorado Steakhouse (owned by Broncos legend and senior executive John Elway), and a round of Colorado Native Amber Lager from the AC Golden Brewing Company. The museum will also dress one of their historic locomotives with a Panthers banner if need be.

On Friday, officials from both museums were trash talking their competitors.

“We can't wait to see the staff of the Colorado Railroad Museum taking a spin on their turntable to the tune of 'Stand and Cheer for the Panthers',” says NCTM Executive Director Kelly Alexander. “It will be music to our ears as we prepare to enjoy our winnings.”

“It's all moot,” counters CRM Executive Director Donald Tallman. “The Broncos are going to win.”

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