CSX-NS trade locos headed to Idaho

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Ex-Norfolk Southern SD40-2 locomotives sport new CSX Transportation liveries. They will be re-built in Idaho to SD40-3s.
James D. Moore
HUNTINGTON, W.Va. – CSX Transportation plans to rebuild all SD40-2s acquired from Norfolk Southern into SD40-3s. The current locomotives will not yet enter revenue service as originally speculated.

In March, CSX and NS traded 12 CSX SD80MACs for 12 NS SD40-2s. Following the trade, NS immediately placed the SD80MACs into revenue service, while CSX stored its acquired fleet of SD40-2s at its Huntington Locomotive Shops. CSX renumbered the locomotives into the 8900 series and painted over the NS logos with its YN3b boxcar logo. The unique yellow-on-black scheme piqued interest for enthusiasts who were anxious to see the locomotives enter revenue service.

Now, CSX is transporting the locomotives from W.Va. to Idaho for rebuilding into its growing fleet of 4000 series SD40-3s. The first batch of ex- NS SD40-2s Nos. 8901-8904, 8906, and 8909 departed Huntington in late August enroute to Motive Power Inc. in Boise, Idaho for rebuild. The locomotives were interchanged to a western Class I railroad in St. Louis last week.

The six remaining NS SD40-2’s left Huntington, W.Va., in a move on Sept. 3. Nos. 8900, 8905, 8907-8908, 8910-8911 were included in last week’s deadhead move. The locomotives were handed over to the St. Louis interchange early this week.

The railroad has been sending out-of-service SD40-2s to Boise for several months now, including one of its last YN1 painted SD40-2s, last month.
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