BNSF Logistics arm touts Schnabel car service

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BNSF Logistics says it has priority access to Schnabel car KWUX 101: a 20-axle flat car used to move heavy loads over railroads. 
BNSF Logistics
FLOWER MOUND, Texas — BNSF Logistics, a third-party logistics provider, says that the company, along with Siemens Energy, Inc., has an exclusive arrangement to market and operate the KWUX 101 20-axle Schnabel railcar, through BNSF Logistics’ recently acquired Transportation Technology Services.

This car is designed to move electrical transformers, and was originally designed for specific Siemens transformers. Modifications to the car have been made to allow it to move most transformer designs, and the car is available for immediate use across North America.

Transportation Technology Services and BNSF Logistics will manage, maintain, and have priority access to the Schnabel railcar. BNSF Logistics says the the service owns three cabooses, three more Schnabel railcars, and two 12-axle flatcars. These cars, along with the KWUX Schnabel railcar, are stored in Rincon, Ga., a Savannah, Ga., suburb.

Schnabel railcars are among the largest railroad cars in the world, and various designs move very heavy and oversize loads.

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