Warbonnets to roam Norfolk Southern rails

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Two ex-BNSF SD75Ms sit at East Peoria awaiting interchange to NS.
Steve Smedley
PEORIA, Ill. – Norfolk Southern has yet to quench its thirst for second-hand, six-axle locomotives. The railroad has acquired seven former Santa Fe EMD SD75Ms, all still wearing the railroad's famed warbonnet paint scheme.

The first two were forwarded from storage at National Railway Equipment in Silvis, Ill., and interchanged to the Iowa Interstate Railroad for interchange to the NS at East Peoria earlier this week.

The units, wearing temporary spray painted reporting marks and numbers, are Nos. 2803 and 2801. They are among the last new locomotives delivered in warbonnet paint prior to the BNSF merger.
Allen Rider, Norfolk Southern's manager of locomotive engineering says the units are being moved to the Juniata locomotive shop at Altoona, Pa., prior to being put into service. He adds that the units may get repainted, dependent on workload at the paint shop.

The units are:
  • BNSF 8202, to become­ NS 2800 
  • BNSF 8209, to become NS 2801 
  • BNSF 8218, to become­ NS 2802 
  • BNSF 8222, to become­ NS 2803 
  • BNSF 8225, to become­ NS 2804 
  • BNSF 8229, to become­ NS 2805 
  • BNSF 8230, to become­ NS 2806
 Unlike the SD60E rebuild project, no major upgrades are planned for the SD75Ms that once raced stack trains across the former Santa Fe main line between Chicago and Southern California.

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