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Locomotive 2020

Locomotive is back with the latest trends, statistics, and inside stories from the exciting world of locomotives for 2020. As part of this issue’s 20/20 theme, Locomotive 2020 examines the changes throughout the past two decades. The Motive Power Review covers all the latest developments and major rebuilds during 2019.

Steam Over Cumbres

Celebrate 50 years of continuous operation and experience the early 1900s in a time capsule on tracks. Learn about this beautifully restored national treasure with several brand-new stories covering this railroad since its inception.


CSX at 40 is a 100-page special issue commemorating the 40th Anniversary of one of the continents seven big Class I freight networks. Take a look back at the creation, evolution and current operating status of approximately 21,000 route miles of track, and 70 ports incorporated within one of the largest freight carriers in the nation!

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Railroad Maps Vol. 2
This keepsake edition shows how famous railroading locations have changed over the decades, the predecessors to today’s operations, and the complex routes of trains that toured the nation. It provides an in-depth look at specific cities, states, and regions.

This issue includes:
  • 40+ highly detailed maps.
  • Riders’ guides to travel by rail in major cities.

  • The predecessors to Conrail, and how they shaped modern railroading.

  • Railroading’s worldwide reach.

  • And much more!

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Inside stories from the exciting world of locomotives.

This 2019 edition pays tribute to the longtime locomotive builder ALCO, 50 years after the company ceased production. 

Other stories include:

• Electric-Motive F59s: A story about two diesel-electric locomotives built by General Motors.
• Mission Control: How GE remotely monitors locomotives around the globe.
• All-New Motive Power Review:  Exclusive listing of new locomotives and major rebuilds.
• Updated Big Six Fleets by the Numbers: A look at this year’s trends.
• And more!

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This special collectors edition takes you through the history, restoration, and the May 2019 inaugural runs of Union Pacific Big Boy 4-8-8-4 No. 4014.

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Journey to Promontory explores one of the most important transportation events in America's history – the completion of the first transcontinental railroad on May 10, 1869.

Train Wrecks Vol. 2 takes a revealing look at several major derailments that changed railroading as we know it. From train crossing accidents and floods, to horrific crashes and evacuations, this 100-page special issue covers historic disasters that caused sweeping changes in the railroad industry. Also, discover the new technologies that emerged from catastrophic events.

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The Essential Guide for Train-Watching

If you’re looking for a memorable railfan experience, Hot Spots is your go-to guide for train-watching throughout the U.S. and Canada. This special issue from Trains magazine tells you everything you need to know to be a great train-watcher — railfan basics, travel tips, and dozens of must-see locations from coast to coast.

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Stay Up-to-Date on Locomotive News & Trends!

The Locomotive 2017 annual issue takes a comprehensive look at the most powerful locomotives in North America with compelling stories and spectacular photography. The Motive Power Review includes the latest news, trends, and developments in locomotive technology, as well as an exclusive listing of every new locomotive built and major rebuilds!

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Biggest, baddest, boldest restored locomotives!

Big Steam is Back
features 11 well-known locomotives from across the United States and their individual journeys to restoration. This special 100-page edition includes the restored Norfolk & Western Class J No. 611, widely considered to be the best and most powerful locomotive ever built, the colorful Southern Pacific 4449, and an update on the much-anticipated completion of Big Boy 4014.


America's Railroad Capital!

In this special issue from the editors of Trains magazine, Chicago, America’s Railroad Capital describes how the city’s railroad infrastructure operates as a major hub for national, regional, and local rail traffic. Whether you’re a railroad enthusiast or a Chicagoan at heart, you’ll find this 100-page special issue to be a valuable resource for exploring this iconic city.

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Railroading in the Rockies!

Colorado Railroads takes a look at all of the drama and dream destinations in this exciting railroading region. This 100-page special issue from Trains magazine features all-new material including an overview of Colorado railroads, their history, and significance.

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Compelling stories and photographs!

Locomotive 2016
 has many stories on North America’s most powerful locomotives. Our annual Motive Power Review gives you information you can’t find anywhere else: an exclusive listing of every new in 2016 locomotive built in North America.

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Explore the great passenger trains that roamed the vast lands west of Chicago, St. Louis, and New Orleans. This 124-page, large-format collectors edition recalls the era when fleets of colorful streamliners dashed across the plains and snaked through the mountains of the American West.

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Relive Railroading's Definitive Decade!

More Trains of the 1950s features an all-new collection of articles that haven't been printed in more than 50 years, plus:

  • Stories from iconic journalist David P. Morgan, among other notable authors.
  • Photos from Philip R. Hastings, Wallace W. Abbey, and other great photographers of that era.
  • Coverage of all major themes of 1950s railroading.

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Don’t Miss the Return of a Rail Legend!

With 611 In Steam, you’ll find the best and most complete guide to Norfolk & Western’s most powerful passenger locomotive ever. The world’s only remaining Class J locomotive is returning to the rails this year, and we’ll bring you detailed coverage of its restoration and operation.

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Locomotive 2015

Inside Locomotive 2015, you'll find captivating stories and photography about North America's most powerful locomotives.

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Carrying the Country’s Heaviest Cargo

With Heavy Hauls, you’ll get an inside look at trains transporting high-tonnage freight like coal, grain, oil, steel and lumber, plus odd loads from airliner fuselages to windmill blades. The issue examines how railroads carry America’s most demanding cargo. If you want to see the powerful trains that shoulder the bulkiest burdens, you’ll definitely want to pick up Heavy Hauls.

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Trains of the 1940s

The 1940s began with the railroad industry fulfilling its moral duty by aiding the World War II effort. Railroads handled a surge of freight and passenger traffic with an attitude of servitude and austerity, and the era soon became regarded as “railroading’s finest hour.”

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See mighty machines for 2013!

With more locomotive stats, rosters, and graphics than ever before, Locomotive 2013 gives you the most in-depth look at today’s railroad fleets and master builders!

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Trains of the 1960s

First-person narratives, technical studies, a spectacular multi-page photo gallery, and more offer a definitive look at the key issues facing railroads during this turbulent time. 

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Steam Glory 3

Look back at the complex legacy of Pennsy's T1 duplex-drive passenger engine. Review the pros and cons of Santa Fe's engines with jack Elwood. View North Western's racy Class D Atlantics through the lens of photographer A.W. Johnson. Read fascinating stories, view spectacular photos, and more!

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Fantastic 4-8-4 Locomotives

Celebrate the locomotives that defined the final, glorious decades of the steam era with this special collector’s edition. Learn about the various designs and how railroads in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico used them. See rare, dramatic photos of these giants at work. Recall the excursion careers of more than a dozen 4-8-4’s.

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Savor the End of an Era

This special issue of In Search for Steam III resumes the epic quest of the 1953-1954 and 1954-1955 editions. Writer David P. Morgan and photographer Philip R. Hastings savor the final, bittersweet years of steam on the Pennsylvania, New York Central, Baltimore & Ohio, Nickel Plate Road, Canadian National, and other citadels of cinders.

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Experience Railroading from the Inside

Get an up-close perspective with this rich compilation of first-hand accounts from railroaders in the age of steam and early diesels...Working on the Railroad.

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The Genesee & Wyoming 

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