November 2019

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  • Last run for the 'finest railroad'
    • Isolated, electrified coal hauler Black Mesa & Lake Powell shuts down
  • CN buys route from CSX; roads to partner on intermodal service
    • CSX had been seeking to sell Montreal-Syracuse line
  • Turbocharged
    • Since the dawn of dieselization, turbochargers have bumped up power production
  • At fault: train or track?
    • Railroads' insistence on extra cars now under scrutiny


From the Editor

Single-car freight: a lost cause? | Railroading can take back some of the business that has been missed — if all the stakeholders want to


Comments from our readers


One rescued from a bitter end | Now that Age of Steam has saved Bessemer 2-10-4, what should we worry about?


Hot spot: Kicking Horse Pass | CP's main line over the Rockies is one of North America's great mountain railroads

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Rotary beacons, end-of-train devices


Complex railroad locations.

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