May 2016

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  • Amtrak 188: One Year Later
    • After reviewing thousands of pages, Trains offers these five points about the deadly wreck
  • CP asks Surface Transportation Board for ruling
    • A once pitched public battle for control of Norfolk Southern is now a subdued campaign
  • Where are the grain trains?
    • A strong US currency, stiff foreign competition, and cheap trucking keep unit grain trains down
  • With less coal, where to CSX?
    • CSX Chairman and CEO Michael Ward on shifting traffic patterns, PTC, railroad mergers, and more
  • Burnham Shops are history
    • Union Pacific closed the century-old Denver complex in February
  • What automobile production shifts may mean
    • Amtrak’s cost-saving measures, cutting New York-Miami dining cars, locked in to allow lower fares
  • Railroad and automotive analysts say new Mexico factories may mean more traffic for railroads
    • No soup for ‘Silver Star’ passengers
  • What automobile production shifts may mean
    • Amtrak’s cost-saving measures, cutting New York-Miami dining cars, locked in to allow lower fares
Is a ‘new generation’ ready to run Amtrak?
Skoropowski introduces us to younger candidates, including some people he mentored
The topic nobody wants to talk about
Maybe CP+NS isn’t the answer, but it’s time to end the industry’s Balkanization
Finding locomotive variety in 2016
Seven railroads with power that is out of the ordinary and worth a visit
  • Steam tech for the 21st century
    • Computers and creative design lead to successes and failures in merging technology and heritage
  • Digital mapmaking for emergencies
    • Company publishes railroad locations for first responders
Gulf Coast turns out for Amtrak
Inspection trip reveals political and grass-roots support for daily service to Orlando


From the Editor

This one is for the left side | When I asked Hayley Enoch to write about locomotive coal (page 48), I was familiar with the subject. For five years, I spent every fifth weekend between April and October wielding a coal scoop and injector on a 1920s steam locomotive. Firing a locomotive is an art.


Texas: New steam oasis? | Famous Southern Pacific Mikado nears end of restoration; 0-4-0T work well underway

Ask Trains

British vs. U.S. practices | Steam locomotive smokeboxes | Track derails

Hot Spots

The meeting of the railroads | Kamloops holds the key to dramatic railroad photography


Complex railroad locations.

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