December 2015

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  • Railroads at the edge of the abyss
    • More than 20 railroads tell Congress they’ll shut down in January without a PTC deadline extension
  • Senate committee focused on PTC during Feinberg hearing
    • Thune looking to Feinberg as a leader on a challenging issue
  • GE Capital sells railcar businesses
    • Union Tank Car parent, Wells Fargo to acquire assets
  • Hidden devices tracking freight cars
    • Railroads raise alarm on devices they don’t control, citing concerns over trespassing and security
  • Former Virginian main line mothballed
    • Norfolk Southern takes famous West Virginia line out of service amid coal traffic decline
  • Cargo thefts from railroads still common
    • Railroads are reluctant to talk about a problem even insurance companies are unable to size
  • Q&A: Wick Moorman is on his way
    • Norfolk Southern’s outgoing chief executive ushered in a new corporate culture, heritage locomotives
Are we facing a shipping disaster?
Nobody wants it, but can Congress take action before it begins?
The wreck of Old 54
How can it be that two opposing trains are told to meet at locations 16 miles apart?
Builders in Tier 4 territory
GEs in production, EMD rolls out demonstrators, other manufacturers tool up under emission rules
Where are we at with PTC?
Forget Congress, real technical challenges remain with adopting safety systems nationwide
A new day for bikes and baggage
Amtrak debuts more roll-on bike options but threatens fines for bringing too many bags aboard

Lure of Vegas tempts China
When U.S. won’t invest in passenger-rail infrastructure, Asian firm steps in


From the Editor

Don’t forget your origins | I was admiring a BNSF Railway coal train, dropping down grade near Hyannis, Neb., when I started thinking about the changing railroad leadership in North America. The top dogs of just about every major railroad, except this one, changed recently or are about to change.

Ask Trains

Railroad business trains | Tracking train lengths | Diesel-hydraulic locomotives


NS steam 2015 — by the numbers | An engine-by-engine recap of the best steam season in years; a look ahead at 2016

Hot Spots

Making your rail mileage count | Mileage collection can add a new dimension to the railfan hobby


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