August 2006

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Ethanol has big potential - and big obstacles to overcome.
Learn more about the efforts of the American Coalition for Ethanol.
Bringing lessons learned in Europe back to the States.
Today's EJ&E carries its own and the Class Is.
See more about the Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway, A Transtar Company.
End-of-train devices go high-tech with turbine power.
Before there were end-of-train devices, there were cabooses. Find out more about the colorful cars that once marked the end of a freight train.
RailPower introduces 2,000-hp tripe genset road switchers.
Four states to see increased Amtrak service in 2006.
After 103 years, the South Shore Line continues to grow.
Is it too late to start collecting rare mileage?
Will you be in California before the end of the year? Go to the California State Railroad Museum to see the Spencer Grant display.
Steam-era freight cars are getting scarce.
Check out the latest restoration projects of the Strasburg Rail Road and the Heber Valley Railroad.


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