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Trains Timeline: a 75-year journey


Certainly no work short of a book, even just a pamphlet-size softcover, could produce a definitive list of significant events (to whatever limit that subjective term is taken) in the 75 years of U.S. and Canadian railroading that Trains has spanned. The first 50 years were painstakingly complied by then-Editor J. David Ingles and then associate editors, Kevin P. Keefe and Paul D. Schneider.

We have now updated this timeline to include the latest 25 years of railroad and Trains history. This list, though not exhaustive, contains what the staff feels is an entertaining, and informative, documentation of occurrences. You will enjoy entries in the more popular categories of motive power, passenger trains, regulation, infrastructure, technology, preservation, and more.

Since the list begins in 1940, however, we were able to be more thorough in such areas as corporate changes and mergers, as well as major new-construction projects and passenger terminals. We tried for variety, and wound up with over 700 items covering more than 200 railroads, plus three dozen milestones of this magazine.

Enjoy 75 years of Trains magazine and railroad history.

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