Amtrak locomotive roster

Amtrak P42 No. 196 leads the westbound 'Southwest Chief' through Gallinas, N.M., on March 13, 2014.
Ron Burkhard

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Initial Number Series Model Builder Date
AMTK 1-207 P42DC GE
AMTK 406 CCU EMD 1998
AMTK 450-470 F59PHI EMD 1998
AMTK 500-519 P32-8BWH GE 1991
AMTK 520-527 GP38H-3 EMD 2004
AMTK 530-539 MP15DC EMD 1975
AMTK 540-541 SW1500 EMD 1973
AMTK 569 SW1001 EMD 1973
AMTK 570-579 MP15D MotivePower 2004
AMTK 590 MP14B MotivePower 2010
AMTK 591 MP21B MotivePower 2010
AMTK 592, 593 MP14B MotivePower 2013
AMTK 599 2GS12B-R NRE 2006
AMTK 600-670 ACS-64 Siemens 2014
AMTK 680-694 HHP-8 Bombardier
AMTK 700-717 P32AC-DM GE 1995
AMTK 720-724 GP38-3 EMD
AMTK 737 SW1 EMD 1941
AMTK 790-799 SW10 EMD
AMTK 800-843 P40DC EMD 1993
AMTK 901-953 AEM-7 EMD
AMTK 1000 1100 80-Ton GE 1961
AMTK 2000-2039 Acela Power Car Bombardier 2002
AMTK 90200-90413 NPCU EMD
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