Volume 146: EMD's 60s

Eight train photographers entered this round's theme: "EMD's 60s." This round of Trackside of Trains.com also marks the debut of our reader-submitted entry.


Trackside with Trains.com Volume 146, "EMD's 60s," is now live (see below). Read our new installment and vote for your favorite photo. The voting period ends September 5, 2010.
Reader submission: Joe H.'s photo
19.23 %
Drew Halverson's photo
9.70 %
Alex Mayes' photo
25.43 %
Mike Roque's photo
13.57 %
Andy Cummings' photo
9.25 %
Tom Nanos' photo
4.85 %
Ken Fitzgerald's photo
8.18 %
Elrond Lawrence's photo
9.79 %
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