Trackside with Erik and Mike Vol. 37 recap

See who took the better railroad photo last week through the eyes of our readers.
Thank you to everyone who voted in Trackside with Erik and Mike Vol. 37. Turnout at the polls (err... poll) was truly remarkable. Thanks for taking the time to vote and share your comments in our reader forum.

Here are the voting results:
Mike Yuhas's photo for the Volume 37 voting competition. ISO 200, 1/1000 sec. at F6.3, 155mm. August 21, 2005.
Mike Yuhas
71% (590 votes)
Erik Bergstrom's photo for the Volume 37 voting competition. ISO 200, 1/200 sec. at F5.6, 300mm. July 8, 2005.
Erik Bergstrom
29% (245 votes)
Mike Yuhas says: Wow! Well over 800 votes cast for this installment -- that's approaching a record for participation. And I thank everyone who voted. It's a cool feeling knowing there's so much interest in our silly little competition.

This was a rather lopsided victory for me. Erik, there's something about all black engines that says power. Your photo certainly had the better light! I had second thoughts about even entering my photo with the awful late morning light bathing the tanks from the wrong direction.
ISO 400, 1/500 sec. at F8, 170mm.
Mike Yuhas
These past few months I've become a bit of a snob when it comes to light. Summer middays don't do much for me, notwithstanding the photo I entered last week. In fact, I seem to be mostly venturing out in late afternoon. Here's an example of a shot taken just before sunset on Tuesday, August 16. I had been working late at the office (on the November 65th anniversary issue of Trains magazine -- wait 'til you see it!). Hopped in the car about 6:00 PM just in time to hear Union Pacific's dispatcher giving a track warrant to the hot Z train to head west on the Adams Subdivision toward Minneapolis. An hour and 15 minutes later, the train caught up to me near Lebanon, Wisconsin. In another few minutes, the shadows would have caught up with the track!
Hmmm. Maybe I should have held this for next week's competition?

Erik Bergstrom replies: You should use that photo... it's awesome.

Now that summer is wrapping up (and thus, my primary summer hobby of golf), I'm starting to spend more time trackside. It's amazing how easy it is to squeeze in some time trackside when you're not spending six hours or more on the golf process (driving to the course, playing 18, visiting the 19th hole, driving home). This hit me last week when I realized that my losing streak was going to remain in tact. I questioned to myself what you were doing that I wasn't. Frankly, you were taking opportunities trackside when I was "ruining a good walk" (as the old golf saying goes). But, the show must go on and I've convinced myself that if you can put together such an impressive winning streak, so can I. We'll see if I can get that started on September 12 when we debut another new installment of Trackside with Erik and Mike. See you then!
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