Improving locomotive maintenance, environmental impact at North America’s largest rail exhibit and tech conference

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Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association President Ian Bradbury

From left, former LMOA President Dwight Beebe, LMOA Secretary Treasurer Ron Pondel, and current LMOA President Ian Bradbury.

Kaedi Maney
Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association Bob Runyon

Past LMOA President Bob Runyon was given the Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award at Railway Interchange 2018.

Kaedi Maney

MINNEAPOLIS — Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association members will be presenting papers at special training sessions Sept. 23 and 24 at Railway Interchange 2019 in Minneapolis.

Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association, established in 1939, is a nonprofit group of railroaders and rail vendors with a focus on improving operations to increase safety and reliability. Five committees within the LMOA present hot topics in locomotive operation, safety, maintenance, and environmental impact.

A member from Wabtec Corp. will discuss the effects of hydrogenation derived renewable diesel fuel on GE Tier-2 line haul locomotive emissions. This renewable fuel is becoming more common in the North American diesel fuel supply. Among the sessions, other topics include locomotive battery alternatives; effects of locomotive storage as a result of Precision Scheduled Railroading; and the efficiency of predictive failure modeling and its impact on fleet maintenance.

These sessions bring together likeminded individuals with the goal to improve locomotive function and maintenance to advance the railroad industry as a whole. “Precision Scheduled Railroading is certainly a “hot topic” for the industry at present,” says LMOA President Ian Bradbury, “and improved locomotive reliability is a key enabler to providing dependable service with reduced operating assets.”

All of the papers presented during the technical training sessions are published in the LMOA Proceedings Publication, which is given to LMOA attendees at the expo and to LMOA members. “Knowledge-based systems capturing the expertise of a retiring generation [of railroaders] and synthesizing it with big data insights [through the LMOA] will help further improve the industry’s already excellent safety, operating efficiency, and environmental footprint,” Bradbury, a member since 2005, says.

To learn more and join the Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association, go to

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