Parts locomotives being readied for shipment to fading MLW-haven Western New York & Pennsylvania

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Western New York & Pennsylvania Montreal-built six-axle locomotives prepare to take a train north from Driftwood to Turtlepoint, Pa. Increased frequency of service between these two points and delays in receiving the newer GE locomotives will allow for more scenes such as this in the remaining weeks of the summer.
Stephan M. Koenig
ERIE, Pa. — On July 10, the Arkansas & Missouri Railroad shipped the first two AC46CW locomotives for the Western New York & Pennsylvania based in Olean, N.Y. WNY&P Nos. 6006 and 6007 were left at Monett Yard that afternoon awaiting inspection by BNSF Railway before they head east.

These units are the parts units and remain in CSX Transportation paint with WNYP markings. There is no timetable for their arrival on the WNY&P.

In the meantime it looks like operations will be secure for the summer and possibly the early fall for the six-axle Montreal Locomotive Works units. Sources close to the railroad say that railroad managers intend to use the units on the 4-day-a-week Salamanca, N.Y., turn, possibly through autumn.

Also more traffic out of Turtlepoint, Pa., will require frequent trips between there and Driftwood, Pa., through the summer and fall months which will result in more need for crews and locomotives. The first operable ACs will likely ship in mid- to-late July and will be on the property likely in August.

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