KCS debuts patriotic locomotive for Veterans' Day

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Kansas City Southern SD70ACe No. 4006 is the railroad's newly repainted locomotive honoring U.S. military veterans.
Kansas City Southern
KANSAS CITY, Mo — In observation of U.S. Veterans Day, Kansas City Southern today in Shreveport, La., unveiled KCS locomotive No. 4006, newly painted in a patriotic paint scheme. The locomotive is a 2005 EMD SD70ACE maintained in the Shreveport KCS Locomotive Shop.

KCS hosted a photo shoot with the locomotive and its Shreveport-based military active duty and veteran employees.

“With the painting of KCS 4006, we wanted to demonstrate our patriotism for our country and our pride in U.S. military activity duty and veteran employees, past and present, who are a part of the KCS family,” says KCS Chief Operating Officer Jeffrey M. Songer.

The idea for this locomotive came from KCS Assistant Vice President of locomotive operations Chris Mitchell, who worked with contractor Jerry Barton to paint the locomotive. In recent years, Mitchell and Barton have been involved in converting the KCS locomotive fleet from its previous grey paint scheme to the current red, yellow, and black, heritage paint scheme.

KCS also honored its active duty and veteran employees throughout the network with a portrait slide show and breakfast at corporate headquarters in Kansas City, Mo.

“The values and work ethic of military active duty and veteran workers align very well with KCS and the
railroad industry in general,” says KCS Senior Vice President of human resources Lora Cheatum. “We salute these important workers on Veterans Day and actively recruit them into our workforce all year round.”

— A Kansas City Southern news release. Nov. 12, 2018.
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