Denver RTD says it may terminate commuter operator's contract

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Passengers await the arrival of an airport-bound Denver A Line train at the 40th Avenue-Airport Boulevard station on Oct. 1, 2018. Denver's RTD says it may cancel the operating contract for the commuter trains.
TRAINS: David Lassen

DENVER — In a further deterioration of the relationship between the two parties, Denver’s Regional Transportation District has warned the company operating its commuter trains that it may terminate the operating contract.

The Denver Post reports that the transit agency warned Denver Transit Partners that it its failure to open the G Line commuter service between Denver Union Station and Wheat Ridge, Colo., constitutes a “termination event,” and that the operating consortium has 30 days to “remedy the breaches” or 20 days to propose a plan to “cure the breaches.”

RTD’s “Notice of Concessionaire Termination Event” claims all three commuter rail lines — the A Line to the Denver Airport, the B Line to Westminster, Colo., and the still-to-open G Line, should have been in operation by June 2 of this year under the contract signed in 2010. The G Line was scheduled to open in 2016.

The A and B lines both opened that year, but A Line crossing gates continue to be plagued with technical difficulties that have required the hiring of crossing gate attendants.

Denver Transit Partners sued the RTD in September, seeking reimbursement for the money it has spent on those attendants, as well as for penalties it has incurred. [See “Problems with Denver airport rail line lead to lawsuit,” Trains News Wire, Sept. 21, 2018.]

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