Public seats open on Milwaukee Road 261 special train for private car owners

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Milwaukee Road No. 261 will celebrate 25 years of excursions on Sept. 22.
Trains: Jim Wrinn
MINNEAPOLIS – Milwaukee Road 4-8-4 No. 261 will pull a special train for the annual convention of the American Association of Railroad Private Car Owners on Sept. 22. AAPRCO is holding it 41st Annual Convention in St. Paul Sept. 19-22. The train will operate over the Twin Cities & Western Railroad, making a 100-mile round trip from Minneapolis to Glencoe, Minn.

The trip coincides with the 25th anniversary of 261’s first excursion trips in 1993, so the Friends of the 261 is selling space on three cars and is billing the trip as 261’s 25th Anniversary Excursion. No. 261’s first excursion trips operated in September 1993 over Wisconsin Central. The 4-8-4 pulled round trips from North Fond du Lac to Stevens Point and Junction City, Wis., each day.

In 1992, the locomotive was leased from the National Railroad Museum in in Green Bay, Wis., moved to Minneapolis and restored by the for-profit North Star Rail, Inc. In 1995 NSR bowed out of 261 operations and management of the engine was taken over by the non-profit Friends of the 261. The Friends purchased No. 261 from the museum in 2010.

For the anniversary trip three cars will be open to the public: lounge cars Fox River Valley and Wisconsin Valley, and dome car Silver Palace. Tickets on the lounge cars are $229.00, while dome car seating is $299.00. A photo runby is planned. Because there is no place to turn No. 261, a TC&W diesel will pull the train east on the return trip to Minneapolis.

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