More progress on Chesapeake & Ohio 1309 at Western Maryland Scenic

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Work is progressing on Baldwin's last steam locomotive for domestic use.
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RIDGELEY, W.VA. – Diversified Rail Services, the contractor reassembling Chesapeake & Ohio 2-6-6-2 No. 1309 for Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, on Friday reported more details about the efforts to restore the locomotive since it passed a hydrostatic test earlier this month.

In a statement, the restoration company said the top row of superheaters has been installed, noting that the locomotive contains 36 such units; the cab floor, stoker elevator tube, and grate shaker levels have been installed; and the grate structure and ashpan have been attached.

Additionally, the steam and water pipes for the injectors are being fitted up; the steam lines for the blower and air pumps have been attached. The firm also reported grinding and cleaning up of washout seats.

The company also suggested donations with the road numbers of famous steam locomotives as the gift amount: $4,014 – arch brick and stoker screw repairs; $4,449 – boiler and pipe lagging; $4,501, steam and water pipes for injectors; $4,960 – boiler jacketing.

The railroad has not said how it is funding the renewed effort to restore the locomotive, the last steam locomotive built for domestic use in the U.S. by Baldwin in 1949.

After major funding ran out last fall, wheel work continued as a result of donations from Trains readers contacted by direct mail. At the time contractor Gary Bensman of Diversified Rail said a crew of 4-6 could finish the engine in six months if an additional $530,000 was raised. The locomotive had already cost $1.8 million with at least $800,000 from the state of Maryland.

When completed No. 1309, would become one of the largest steam locomotives in regular service in America, and the only Mallet type in operation east of the Mississippi.

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