Amtrak plans to add 'hot meal option' on two trains

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CHICAGO — Amtrak plans to add “a hot meal option” to dining service on the Capitol Limited and Lake Shore Limited, and says food-service changes on the two trains — which saw full dining cars give way to pre-prepared cold meals as of June 1 — offer passengers more dining choices.

These points come from a statement to Trains News Wire by Amtrak spokesman Marc Magliari, who wrote, “We are undertaking changes on the dining service to provide higher quality food with a modern service pattern that allows people to order what they want and have it provided when they want. People who want to dine in a communal way can keep that. People who want privacy or to work on their laptops while they’re dining, can dine in that way. We’re putting the decision-making into our customer's hands, versus dictating to our customers how they have to accept their food.

“Amtrak sleeping car customers have always had the ability to choose to be served in their bedrooms and roomettes and this model makes that choice easier by offering a selection of meals that are made fresh and are readily enjoyed by customers in their sleeping compartments or at tables in a private area only for sleeping car customers. These food service cars were infrequently used by coach customers.

“A hot meal option will be coming at future date as we are gathering feedback from our customers to understand preferences.”

The statement was issued in response to a News Wire story in which Amtrak unions expressed their concern over the elimination of the full diners, and the effect on Amtrak on-board staff. [See “Unions decry end of full dining service on two Amtrak trains,” Trains News Wire, June 1.]

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