Fallen flag logos appear on former CSX diesel

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PRLX SD70ACe No. 4834 featuring Chesapeake & Ohio's "C&O for Progress" logo leads NS train 36T at Attica, N.Y., on March 29, 2018. The C&O-patched locomotive is a former CSX unit on lease to NS by Progress Rail.
BUFFALO, N.Y. – A leased locomotive is roaming Norfolk Southern rails with Chesapeake & Ohio logos this week. The former CSX Transportation blue-and-gold SD70ACe No. 4834 with Progress Rail reporting marks is on lease to Norfolk Southern and was photographed leading an NS freight train in upstate New York on Thursday.

The locomotive’s CSX lettering had been overwritten with PRLX’s reporting marks only to have those efforts re-patched with C&O logos. On the locomotive’s nose, a blue “C&O for Progress” logo was visible as the locomotive led two NS units on train NS 36T near Buffalo.

It is not clear who is responsible for the logo work or whether or not the locomotive’s C&O logos will remain on the leased locomotive. No. 4834 is one of five ex-CSX SD70ACes on lease to Norfolk Southern.

“CSX takes the use of trademarks, logos, and service marks very seriously and has outlined our position on our website,” spokeswoman Katie Chimelewski tells Trains News Wire. “Proper use of the marks reinforces their distinctive identity and value, while unauthorized use and variation of the marks dilutes and undermines their marketing strength, the owner's trademark rights, and the economic value of the intellectual property asset.”

The railroad states that no CSX marks are to be used by third parties without express permission of the company that owns the mark.

Trains News Wire is awaiting comment from Progress Rail.
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