Senate Democrats propose their own $1 trillion infrastructure plan

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WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats on March 7 unveiled their plan to invest $1 trillion to improve America's infrastructure ranging from highways to veterans' hospitals.

Included are $50 billion for railroad infrastructure, $115 billion for public transportation, and an additional $10 billion in the Department of Transportation's Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery grant program.

Among the ways Democrats suggest to pay for the program are a 39.6 percent tax rate on Americans who earn more than $600,000 per year, and increasing the corporate tax rate from 21 percent to 25 percent. The changes would reverse some of the tax cuts that Republicans recently pushed through Congress.

The rail infrastructure portion of the proposal appears to be aimed primarily at Amtrak's needs, including for $20 billion "to address challenges on the Northeast corridor and service on the National Network." A total of $15 billion would go to the Federal Railroad Administration's Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvement program, and $10 billion to the Federal-State Partnership program to improve Amtrak infrastructure.

Money for public transportation includes a $25 billion addition to the Federal Transit Administration's Capital Improvement Grant program.

"The proposal lays out a comprehensive proposal for significant new investment in the nation's infrastructure, including public transportation," says Paul P. Skoutelas, president of the American Public Transportation Association. "It would support substantial improvements in the nation's public transportation and intercity passenger rail systems, helping to bring those systems into a state of good repair."

The Senate Democrats say $10 billion for the popular TIGER grant program will triple existing funding.

More information is available online.
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