GREX business car looms large in honoring company's founding family

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An exterior image of GREX Business Car No. 400, Edwin Brazelton Snead. The car served presidents Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower, and served multiple politicians and dignitaries before ownership was transferred to GREX in the 1990s.
An interior image from GREX Business Car No. 400, Edwin Brazelton Snead.
GEORGETOWN, Texas — On Monday outside the historic GREX Business Car 400, Georgetown Rail Equipment Company Executive Chairman Chris Aadnesen hosted an exclusive event to honor the Snead family of Georgetown, Texas. The Snead family is a longstanding name in the rail and quarry industry beginning in the 1940s when Edwin Brazelton Snead founded Texas Crushed Stone.

Snead and his sons Ned (1929-2015) and Bill worked together to make Texas Crushed Stone (which still operates out of Georgetown) the most productive limestone quarry in U.S. history. He also founded Georgetown Railroad in 1958 to enable hauling of limestone from Georgetown to Austin, Texas, the state capital.

Eldest son Ned later went on to create GREX, a rail solutions company that helps maintain and repair track throughout North America. Bill followed in his father’s footsteps and is now president of Texas Crushed Stone and majority owner of Georgetown Railroad.

GREX hosted today’s event as a way to thank the Snead family for their contributions to the rail industry and the Georgetown community. GREX Business Car 400 Edwin Brazelton Snead was a fitting venue for this celebration, as it recently made a permanent move to its new home at GREX where it will host special events, customer meetings and charitable events.

This lavish 1920s-era rail car even played a special role in U.S. history. President Harry Truman used it for his 1948 re-election “whistle-stop tour” when he gave speeches throughout Texas and the Midwest from onboard the train. President Dwight Eisenhower and First Lady Mamie Eisenhower used it frequently for travel in lieu of flying. And many prominent Texas lawmakers, national lawmakers, business leaders and even celebrities have spent time on the GREX Business Car 400.

Georgetown Railroad purchased the business car in 1971, with ownership transitioning to GREX in 1993. Ned’s five children, Bonnie, Cindy, Jeannie, Jennifer, and Vernon, grew up around the car, and it has remained a unique treasure for the entire family, including the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. At this point, four generations make up a Snead legacy of 26, and growing.

Since 1993, Georgetown Rail Equipment Co. has been putting technology to use to develop solutions that solve some of the oldest problems in the railroad industry. The privately held company is based out of Georgetown, Texas, and works in collaboration with customers across the globe to deliver custom solutions designed around their specific needs. GREX pinpoints where ballast is needed and automates its delivery, locates track flaws to keep operations running smoothly, helps railroads monitor bridges remotely, and much more. From the pioneering DumpTrain ballast delivery system to the new Aurora XivTM track inspection system, GREX products stand out among the rest as more technologically advanced, safer and more efficient. GREX’s portfolio of solutions includes SENSR, a structural monitoring company.

More information is available online.

— A GREX news release. Jan. 29, 2018.

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