Canadian government minister renews push for in-cab cameras

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This overall view shows cars off both sides of the tracks at the Interstate 5 bridge near DuPont, Wash., on Monday, Dec. 18. A Canadian government official says locomotives in Canada should have inward facing cameras as the Amtrak train did.
Steve Carter
OTTAWA, Ont. — Canada's top transportation official is renewing a push for inward facing cameras in locomotives and possibly on airplanes after learning of investigators' capabilities in the aftermath of the Dec. 18 Amtrak derailment in Washington state.

Toronto's The Star reports that Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau is still pursuing legislation in Canada's Senate to require the camera installations. The Amtrak locomotives involved in the Olympia, Wash., crash had both inward and outward facing cameras with audio recording capabilities. National Transportation Safety Board investigators in the U.S. have already released a few details of the crash based on those recordings.

Garneau filed changes to Canada's Rail Safety Act in May to require the recording capabilities in Canada-based locomotives, but the bill has faced opposition from Senators who want changes to the text.

Critics, including labor union representatives, say they're uncertain about whether railroads and the government can use the recordings in situations where operating or safety rules are not violated and what the status of the recordings are when a locomotive crosses from Canada to the U.S.

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