Trains Top 10 stories for 2017: No. 8, SIEMENS-ALSTOM

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WAUKESHA, Wis. — A combined French and German company may soon be North America's most prolific railcar and locomotive builder.

A proposed merger between the rail division of Germany's Siemens and France's Alstom that the companies announced in September would marry companies that, combined, produce, or are set to produce streetcars, Charger locomotives, ACS-64 locomotives, Brightline trainsets, next-generation passenger cars for state-sponsored routes, and new Acela Express trainsets for the Northeast Corridor.

No other locomotive or passenger rail supplier operating in North America comes close. Except one: CRRC. The Chinese corporation makes any rail component, car, or locomotive imaginable, but so far, the company is only making about 1,200 to 1,500 subway cars for U.S. transit systems and hasn't ventured into intercity passenger, high-speed passenger, or heavy-haul railroading in North America.

So China aside, Siemens-Alstom will be the $18 billion company to match or beat in U.S. railroading in the years ahead — at least for passenger trains.

In acknowledging Siemens-Alstom's scope and depth in the U.S. railroad industry and the outsized influence the foreign company is expected to have in decades to come, Trains editors name the Siemens-Alstom merger as the No. 8 story of 2017.

Trains editors will present the Top Ten stories of the year in reverse order starting Dec. 21 and finishing on Dec. 30.

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