Long Island Rail Road tripletracking

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The Long Island Rail Road is about to get wider at a critical place on its main line. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board has approved a $1.8 billion contract with 3rd Track Constructors, to complete the design and construction of a new third track on the 9.8-mile segment of the main line between Floral Park, N.Y., and Hicksville, N.Y. The section has more than 250 trains and 40 percent of weekday passengers. The current two-track configuration is often congested during peak periods. Without the third track, delays from emergency repairs, disabled trains, and other disruptions can inconvenience of tens of thousands of riders. Additionally, seven grade crossings along this 9.8-mile corridor will be eliminated. With the addition of the third track, all-day, two-directional service on the main line will become a reality for the first time in modern LIRR history. Now, only a limited number of trains are allowed to run in the opposite flow direction, making it difficult for those who live in New York City or western Nassau County to access jobs on Long Island, unlike Bronx residents who currently travel to jobs via Metro-North, benefitting the entire metropolitan region’s economy.

These infrastructure improvements were identified as crucial and necessary many years ago, and I am pleased to see that they will soon become a reality,” said LIRR President Pat Nowakowski. “The reliability of our system is the focal point for good service, and with this project, the LIRR will be able to deliver that better than ever for our customers who rely on the railroad for commuting to work and school, and other facets of daily life.”

Additional infrastructure improvements include new signals, switches, power substations, station improvements, and triple tracking of seven bridges along the line between Floral Park and Mineola. With the participation of local communities, retaining walls and sound attenuation walls along the three tracks will keep noise to a minimum.
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