NJ Transit has an early holiday present for its riders: new locomotives

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An NJ Transit acceleraties out of the Newark International Airport station in Newark in August 2015 with an ALP45DP dual-mode locomotive doing the honors.
Laurence Pearlman
NEWARK, N.J. – The NJ Transit board of directors has approved the purchase of 17 additional ALP45DP dual-powered locomotives manufactured by Bombardier Transit Corp. The new units will supplement 35 locomotives already in use.

NJ Transit is paying $184.5 million for the new locomotives, and, under the original 2008 contract with Bombardier, still has the option for ordering 27 more.

The additional ALP45DPs will enable retirement of GP40s and F40s to insure better reliability, flexibility, and efficiency. The older locomotives have reached the end of their service life, are more expensive to maintain, and cannot efficiently pull the bilevel commuter cars that have become the backbone of the NJ Transit fleet.

“The addition of these new dual-powered locomotives continues our effort to modernize our rail fleet,” Executive Director Steven H. Santoro says. “These locomotives can operate across the entire rail system in either electric or diesel mode providing us with greater versatility and operating efficiency.”

The Tier 4-compliant ALP45DP locomotives are able to operate push-pull passenger train service on both electrified and non-electrified lines at speeds of up to 125 mph as electrics, and 100 mph as diesels. The units generate 5,360 hp in electric mode and 4,200 hp in diesel mode. The ALP45DPs offer a significant increase in acceleration and available head-end power compared with the GP40s and F40s they will replace.

Introduction of the dual-powered locomotives in May 2011 marked a first use for this technology in the U.S.

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